Fun Stuff

Quizzes to tax your little grey cells, ways to support your Blue, a super interactive map of The BNY Mellon Boat Race course. There’s plenty to do here on our site. So get clicking and exploring.

First things first, choose your Blue. If you need help deciding between Oxford and Cambridge, there’s the aptly titled ‘Which Blue Are You?’ quiz. Once you’re blue-blooded, you can learn all about the history and drama of The Boat Race on a video tour with rowing legend, Sir Matthew Pinsent.

Then why not check out the company you're keeping by playing 'Who's the Blue?' It reveals famous Light Blues and Dark Blues from every walk of life.

Last but not least, vote for your Blue. At the click of a Light Blue or Dark Blue voting button you'll enter our £10,000 competition and help your Blue to win the all important popularity vote.

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